Capacity Buildings and Training


Sr. Location Project Name
1. AFGHANISTAN ADB Funded: Capacity Building to MPW - Transport Network Development Investment Program, Tranche 1, Afghanistan.
2. PAKISTAN Implementation of Environmental and Social Management framework (ESMF) in overall 23 districts of Sindh” (WB Funded) , Pakistan.
3. PAKISTAN Project Management of Property Tax Reform in Karachi, Pakistan.
4. PAKISTAN WORLD BANK Funded: Baseline Survey, Capacity Building & Installation Of Water Filters under “Promoting Private Schools in Rural Sindh(PPRS)” in 10 Districts of Sindh,Pakistan.
5. PAKISTAN WORLD BANK Funded: Baseline Survey & Capacity Building Using Mobile Phone–Based Information And Data Collection System in 10 Districts of Sindh,Pakistan
6. PAKISTAN WORLD BANK Funded:Capacity Building for Procurement Process for Carrying out Need Varification Assessment Survey Under Sindh Education Reform Program (SERP) (WB Funded)–TOP IV(1208 Schools in 23 Districts of Sindh, Pakistan.