Seismic Retrofitting of Structures


Sr. Location Project Name
1. NEPAL ADB Funded: DISASTER RESILIENCE OF SCHOOLS PROJECT (DRSP): (L3702 and Grants0601/0602): Design and Supervision Consultant (DSC) for schools reconstruction and retrofitting. Nepal.
2. PAKISTAN Feasibility Study, Detailed Design And Resident Supervision Of Refurbishment And Improvement Of Napier Road Bridge At Port Grand. Karachi, Pakistan.
3. PAKISTAN Rehabilitation / Strengthening Of Bridge Over River Sutlaj. Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan.
4. PAKISTAN Determination Of Exact Position Of Super Structure Of Shadan Lund Bridge Over D.G. Khan, Pakistan.
5. PAKISTAN Condition Survey, Tender Documentation And Detailed Supervision For Rehabilitaiton Of Iron Ore & Coal Berth At Port Qasim,Karachi, Pakistan
6. PAKISTAN WORLD BANK Funded: Implementation Of Environmental And Social Management Framework (ESMF) In Overall 23 Districts Of Sindh”, Sindh, Pakistan.
7. PAKISTAN US AID: Needs Assessment Certification Survey For Seven District In Northern Sindh (1800 Schools In 7 Flood Effected Districts Of Northern Sindh) (US AID), Sindh, Pakistan.